Last revised: November 09, 2022

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PennDOT BRADD v3.2.7.1 Update - November 9, 2022


PENNDOT BRADD V3.2.6.1 Update - June 7, 2021


 PENNDOT BRADD V3.2.5.0 Release - December 3, 2018


PENNDOT BRADD V3.2.4.3 Update - May 25, 2018

For certain complex debonding patterns (more than 3 debonding locations designed by PSLRFD) the PSLRFD program was not correctly passing the strand pattern for each cutoff back to BRADD. For these cases, the debonding strand pattern in the analysis input file, would not be correct which could lead to Specification Check Warnings and Errors in the final PSLRFD Analysis run. 

In the April 2016 revisions to BD-656M, the thickness of the prestress intermediate diaphragms was changed from 10" to 12". This change was made to the BRADD details and to the BRADD concrete quantity calculations. However, for the PSLRFD input files the DIA command was still specifying a 10" thickness

Note: This is a cumulative patch in that it also includes the files for Patch v3.2.4.1 and for Patch v3.2.4.2.


PENNDOT BRADD V3.2.4.2 Update - May 4, 2018

For bridges that have integral abutments and a full super elevation cross-section above the integral abutment, the height of the pile cap that is calculated is too large (the minimum pile cap height exceeds 3’-3”). This problem only occurs when the bottom of the pile cap is sloped downwards (left-to-right, facing the abutment) and usually only occurs at one of the integral abutments

Note: This is a cumulative patch in that it also includes the files for Patch v3.2.4.1.


PENNDOT BRADD V3.2.4.1 Update - March 9, 2018

A problem exists for a skewed bridge with Integral Abutments and a Staged Construction Joint that has different beam spacings on either side of the joint. For this condition BRADD incorrectly details the integral abutment length on the "Abutment Elevation" detail. Other details affected include the "Abutment Plan @ Top of Deck" detail and the "Abutment Plan @ Pile Cap" detail.


PENNDOT Patch for BRADD V3.2.2.0 - November 24, 2015

  1. Download the Zip file to the computer that has BRADD installed and extract the files.

  2. Go to the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\BRADD v3.2.2.0\Bin" or "C:\Program Files\BRADD v3.2.2.0\Bin" (whichever folder exists) and create a sub-folder called "Backup".

  3. Move the existing version of the Bin\PRES_CON_DLL.DLL to the "Backup" folder.

  4. Copy the new PRES_CON_DLL.DLL file that was downloaded to the Bin folder.


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.6.2 Update - August 8, 2012

For integral abutment superstructure-only bridges with a skewed superstructure and a horizontal curve, some values shown and used on the stake out plan are incorrect. The key value is the face-to face chord dimension which is shorter than it should be. This causes the Abutment 2 coordinates shown on the stake-out plan to be incorrect. Also, for integral abutment superstructure-only bridges with a negative horizontal curve, the wingwall work point coordinates are incorrect.


PENNDOT Patch for BRADD V3.1.6.0 - February 29, 2012


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.4.1 Update - February 12, 2010


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.4.0 DXF Update - September 23, 2009


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.3.2 Update - October 31, 2008


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.3.1 Update - October 3, 2008