Last revised: November 24, 2015

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PENNDOT Patch for BRADD V3.2.2.0 - November 24, 2015

  1. Download the Zip file to the computer that has BRADD installed and extract the files.

  2. Go to the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\BRADD v3.2.2.0\Bin" or "C:\Program Files\BRADD v3.2.2.0\Bin" (whichever folder exists) and create a sub-folder called "Backup".

  3. Move the existing version of the Bin\PRES_CON_DLL.DLL to the "Backup" folder.

  4. Copy the new PRES_CON_DLL.DLL file that was downloaded to the Bin folder.


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.6.2 Update - August 8, 2012

For integral abutment superstructure-only bridges with a skewed superstructure and a horizontal curve, some values shown and used on the stake out plan are incorrect. The key value is the face-to face chord dimension which is shorter than it should be. This causes the Abutment 2 coordinates shown on the stake-out plan to be incorrect. Also, for integral abutment superstructure-only bridges with a negative horizontal curve, the wingwall work point coordinates are incorrect.


PENNDOT Patch for BRADD V3.1.6.0 - February 29, 2012


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.4.1 Update - February 12, 2010


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.4.0 DXF Update - September 23, 2009


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.3.2 Update - October 31, 2008


PENNDOT BRADD V3.1.3.1 Update - October 3, 2008